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MeritSun help to Reduce your electricity bills with Renewable solar power

MeritSun help to Reduce your electricity bills with Renewable solar power


Solar power storage systems are cost-effective as electricity sources for residential, commercial building making them an attractive investment. Their payback period can be less than five years with favorable conditions, which is excellent when you consider that solar products last more than 20 years. Many factors determine the installed cost of solar power, beyond the price of solar panels, inverter and battery. The final price can vary depending on local regulations and incentives, as well as geographic location.


Local incentives can also reduce the cost of going solar. For example, a home solar system in the US is around three times more expensive than a similar installation in Australia.

At present, various kinds of solar products are reducing or even reducing import tariffs. The following is the TARIFF rate of solar products in the United States from 2018 to 2021


Solar Import Tariff









Solar power has become the fastest-growing electricity source in the US and all over the world.

What are the benefits of home battery storage systems and why they are becoming more popular?

Solar panels can collect sunlight and transform it into electricity. But they can make that energy only when the sun is shining. That’s why the ability to store solar energy for later use is important: It helps to keep the balance between electricity generation and demand.

MeritSun Wall Mounted Battery is a home battery that stores solar energy so you can use it on demand and self-power your home to reduce your reliance on grid electricity. In the event of a grid outage, Wall Mounted Battery automatically provides backup power to ensure your home is powered. With Wall Mounted Battery, you are assured of energy security and a clean energy lifestyle.

MeritSun committed to providing customers with Reliable,.Safety and Green Batteries. We know that there are many places of the world are experiencing power shortages and grid outage, our MeritSun vision is to light up the world, bring electricity to people who need it, help them get it and use the green and free energy every day.


We sincerely invite leaders and our clients in the industry to become our cooperative distributors to develop the market together and bring safe and reliable green energy to more people in need. MeritSun, the Best Power in the Sun!


By Fannie Fang

MeriTech Power Limited


MeriTech is a professional LiFePo4 battery manufacturer since 1999, focus on alternative smart energy storage application. We produce Cells, house made BMS ,module and integrated system solutions. 22 years, we do only one thing, Energy Storage Batteries.We proud of excellency : 100+R&D teams, 1368 employees, 48 fully automatic productions lines ,150,000 square meters factory. MeritSun, The Best Power in the SUN.

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