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Meritsun Officially Launch the New Brand Power Energy Wall Battery All in One

Meritsun Officially Launch the New Brand Power Energy Wall Battery All in One


Meritsun is the pioneer in battery technology and our professional engineer team always focus on designing and continuously improving our range of Lithium battery products to satisfy the greatest application variety for any home or business in the market.

Meritsun’s Lithium battery range is comprehensive from 12V/24V ABS plastic leisure battery, ESS 24V/48V rack module solar energy series, Power Energy Wall Battery, portable All in one power house, and now we develop and launch our new brand Power Energy Wall Battery All in one.

It is a integrated with inverter/controller and Lifepo4 battery system that works by storing your excess solar power and using it anytime when you want at day or night, which lower energy bills and lessen your reliance on the grid and less need to buy power at peak.

We believe the new brand Power Energy Wall Battery All in one is the simply and best complete solar combined energy storage system on the market. Here are more excellent benefits:

 Combined with the innovative and proven technology of both hybrid off-grid inverter and premium Lifepo4 battery for simply and quick installation, just plug and play

Configure with intelligent EMS/BMS for good management and protection

Available in 5kWh or 10kWh battery, support parallel to allows system to be modular and expandable as your energy storage needs change

Compact and portable design, workable indoor and outdoor application

Real-time monitoring via smart Wifi App

Safety and clean Lifepo4 for environment protection

Super Long lifetime: More than 6000 cycle life

Triple charging input: Solar panel, utility grid and generator

We look forward to the distribution partners work together and serve more green, eco-friendly and affordable Lithium energy system to meet the exacting requirements and specification all around the world.

 Meritsun, the best power in the sun!


By Jane Huang

MeriTech Power Limited

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