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Power Your Ideal Camping Life with Meritsun 12V Green Lithium Battery

Power Your Ideal Camping Life with Meritsun 12V Green Lithium Battery


Nowadays more and more people like to go camping, experience a leisure lifestyle, relax from the busy work and enjoy the nature. But how to make camping comfortable when there is no access electricity?

That mean how to make sure all the electrical appliances to keep running with ease when you're off the grid in the outdoor camping activity? Having a dependable Meristun 12V Lithium battery in the solar energy set-up system is the great ways to light up the night at your campsite. This light weight and clean lithium battery can be used as a strong backup power source, which is easy to carry and capable of take it along with you on your every camping trip, enough to power what and when you need. It can power almost any device for as long as you want, including the cell phones, laptop, TV, mini-fridge, or camera and more.

Take a 12V100AH Lithium battery as an example, it can support your coffee machine to make coffee in few minutes, consume about 10% battery power, then there are enough energy to make other foods, like steak, sandwich, etc, also charge your laptop to watch movies. So you're able to enjoy the wonderful camping trip without any power anxiety. 

Therefore, travel with confidence and comfort, with a Meritsun Lithium battery is a perfect option to enjoy a wide variety of benefits.

Longer Lasting:  Our Meritsun 12V lithium battery lasting 5x longer over traditional lead acid, providing exceptional lifetime value.

Lighter weight:  Its weight is ½ of lead-acid battery with equal capacity.

Faster charging:  Our 12V lithium battery has a 98% charge efficiency VS lead acid batterys 50%, charge also 5 times faster.

Green and eco-friendly:  Our LiFePo4 battery technology is the safest and environmentally friendly Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, not contain heavy metals, and acid.

Maintenance Free Lithium battery requires no maintenance whatsoever.

Advanced BMS technology: The Battery Management System automatically protect the battery from any damage (short circuit, under voltage, over-charge, over-current, low or heat temperature, etc.) to ensure the battery an optimal life.

Bluetooth Monitoring: Wireless Bluetooth monitoring from your phone easily so you can know exactly what your battery status at any time/any where.


Welcome to choose Meritsun 12V Lithium battery as the most reliable power partner in your camping adventurers. Go Further. Play Harder. Last longer!

By Jane Huang

MeriTech Power Limited

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