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Reach for Green Power and Save Money with MeritSun Wall Mounted Battery

Reach for Green Power and Save Money with MeritSun Wall Mounted Battery


Well, we are all live in one earth, but there is a high percentage of people still suffering from shortage of electricity or paying too high price for the bills.

How help to solve the issue? Please no hesitate to contact MeritSun Battery,we will provide you the MeritSun Affordable and Permanent Worry free Green Energy Solutions.

On Feb,2020, Mr. Jose Luis, a professional installer from Zambia Solar company finally found the Meritsun Power after comparison on various kind of China battery company, and with the Meritsun engineer advice that installed a solar storage system with MeritSun 48V10kWh Wall Mounted Battery, smart Hybrid inverter 48V5KW and 350W mono solar panels for his client’s house.

“The performance of MeritSun Wall Mounted Battery is extremely perfect and beyond my expectation, far much better than the gel batteries I used before”. Feedback from Mr Jose Luis’s end user. “Most importantly, MeritSun Wall Mounted Battery System not only makes for smart and eco-friendly use of energy with safe long Life more than 6000 cycles, but also help me shrink monthly electricity bills. I have a crazy expenses for the grid electricity reached about $538 monthly before, since I am using MeritSun Lifepo4 battery, the monthly bills had dropped 90 percent, from $538 to $54. It was really surprised me.”

“Yes, MeritSun Premium Wall Mounted Battery solution made my clients/users satisfaction, meanwhile, help my solar business with great development. I am very honored and proud to be one of MeritSun’s new energy products members.

My plan is to achieve one million homeowners in Zambia with high quality and affordable MeritSun New Energy Wall Mounted Battery  to enlight the hope of people and help save energy and make money  by selling electricity via the grid in the coming 3 years.”Said by Mr. Jose Luis.

We can’t restrain our excitement to have the plan share and feedback from Mr Jose Luis and his fellows. MeritSun’s vision is to make Solar ESS Lifepo4 battery accessible to the household people all around the world and help people save energy bills, and save the world from global warming.

Taking action and lighting your life with MeritSun Wall Mounted Battery!

By Jane Huang

MeriTech Power Limited

MeriTech is a professional LiFePo4 battery manufacturer since 1999,focus on alternative smart energy storage application. We produce Cells, house made BMS ,module and integrated system solutions. 20 years, we do only one thing, Energy Storage Batteries.

We proud of excellency : 100+R&D teams, 1368 employees , 48 fully automatic productions lines ,150,000 square meters factory. MeritSun, The Best Power in the SUN.

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